D.W.Clark & Sons Ltd ships directly into any of Amazon’s twelve fulfilment centres across the UK. As part of Palletline, we are proud to be one of Amazon’s preferred shipping suppliers. Whether you have a regular consignment or something more ad hoc that needs urgent delivery, we can manage it for you.

3 great reasons to use D.W.Clark & Sons Ltd to ship into Amazon UK

  1. We book it in for you.
  2. You avoid haulier non-compliance fines.
  3. We check everything runs smoothly and on time, so you don't have to worry!

Delivering to Amazon - Our step by step guide

  1. Using Amazon’s self-service system, log into your account via 'Vendor Central'.
  2. Complete the order process until you get an ASN or FBA code. Please keep this safe as we need this to deliver your goods into Amazon!
  3. Please do not book your own individual delivery slot. We deliver through consolidated trailers and cannot service individual slots during the day.
  4. Amazon will also tell you when your delivery window is. This is your delivery window when your items need to be with Amazon. Goods can be delivered at any time within this window and it is your responsibility to book a delivery with us that arrives during this window.
  5. Book your delivery on to contrado as normal.
  6. We will be able to see the consignment and arrange a vehicle to collect your consignments
  7. Tell us when they need to be with Amazon and choose one of our services (24 A, 48 B or 72 C hours) which best fits your delivery window.
  8. We book your delivery into Amazon.
  9. Finally, we’ll collect your goods, take them back to our warehouse and consolidate them with the rest of our Amazon. deliveries. They will be shipped to one of the Amazon fulfilment centres overnight and will arrive exactly on time.

Our Top 7 tips on how best to pack for an Amazon delivery

  1. Outer cartons must not exceed 15kg in weight and must have an outer carton label
  2. Outer carton labels must be applied in a consistent location where they are easy to locate
  3. Labels must be a minimum of A5 in size, typed in black ink on a white background
  4. Avoid using mixed or partial cases where possible
  5. If shipping on pallets, the height of pallet must not exceed 1.8m including the pallet
  6. The weight of pallet must not exceed 1000kg
  7. All pallets must be wrapped and banded; loose cartons on the top are not acceptable
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